The Custom-Designed DRRoss Paint Truck

paint truck

Donald R Ross and Son comes to the job equipped with a specially-designed paint trailer to keep the work area and our crew out of your home as much as possible.

The trailer has all the tools we need and even has its own port-a-potty to keep the crew outside during exterior jobs.

The sidewalk side of the trailer has an 18 foot pullout awning to shelter our crew from inclement weather while we do our prepping sanding, priming or finish coating on screens, storm windows, blinds and shutters. This allows us to keep these types of jobs outside instead of in your garage while keeping us close to the all the tools and paint we need for these jobs.

The exterior and interior of the trailer is outfitted with electrical tools and switches to power our equipment from one extension cord to your home. The trailer is also insulated and heated to provide a comfortable environment for working in cold weather and keep latex paint from freezing.

truck interior

On the back wall of the trailer is a cleaning station for cleaning oil base brushes that reclaims and reuses the thinners. This station contains all cleaning material and eliminates the possibility of a spill.

All four sides of the trailer have reflector safety tape that easily identifies it at night while parked on the side of the road.


About D.R. Ross & Son Painting

Donald R. Ross & Son has provided high quality painting and decorating services to homes and businesses in the North Shore area for over 50 years. With a reputation for excellent quality and service, Donald R. Ross & Son only utilizes full-time staff trained to meet our exacting standards and continually educated in new techniques and processes to ensure our work looks great and stands the test of time. Many of our workers have been with us for over 15 years and they are all professional craftsman that take pride in their work.

Our services include interior and exterior painting and decorating of all types as well as power washing and maintenance services to keep your home looking clean and beautiful all the time. We have our own carpenter on staff to perform light carpentry and make minor repairs if necessary during a project to save time.

All our work is completed in a timely manner and within budget unless unforeseen circumstances arise. We respect your privacy and do our best to disrupt your lives as little as possible. You can trust us to come into your home and work professionally and neatly whether you are home or not, leaving your home as close to the way you left it as possible. We also respect the environment by using green products and procedures that minimize our impact on the environment.

Donald R. Ross & Son is fully licensed and insured to protect our workers as well as your property against accidents.

Company History

Donald R. Ross Painting and Decorating was founded in 1951 in Lynnfield, Massachusetts by Donald R. Ross. Mr. Ross is recognized nationally as one of the leading residential painting contractors in the country and has conducted numerous seminars on residential painting throughout the United States. He has been featured on the covers of several national magazines and has written and published several articles pertaining to paint failure and cedar bleed on clapboards and shingle siding.

Mr. Ross invented the WedgeVent™ system – a system that releases moisture from the back of the exterior of a home to eliminate paint from peeling. The WedgeVent system has been written up in several paint manufacturers specifications and has been used successfully by painters for over 40 years.

Mr. Ross has been a prominent member of the National Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (P.D.C.A.) for over 50 years and has served as president of the North Shore/Merrimack Valley P.D.C.A. In 2003, he was awarded National Honorary Life Membership to the organization and he received the National P.D.C.A. Distinguished Service Award. He was appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts and Commissioner of Labor and Industries to update regulations pertaining to Structural Painting (Residential Phase) in the state of Massachusetts.

Today, the company is owned and operated by Donald Ross’s son, Darren Ross. Darren began as an apprentice for his father in 1983. Darren graduated from Providence College with a business management degree in 1991. In 1995 the company became Donald R. Ross & Son and Darren purchased the company in 2001. Darren has served as treasurer of the North Shore / Middlesex / Merrimack Valley Chapters of P.D.C.A. and is an officer of the national chapter of P.D.C.A. He is also member of the Residence Craftsmanship Forum and has authored and contributed to the national craftsmanship operating procedures. Darren is also a member and past vice president of the Business Network International.

Professional Associations
Donald R. Ross and Son is actively involved with the following associations:
Painting and Decorating Corporation of America (PDCA)
The PDCA website offers valuable information about selecting and working with painting contractors here: How to Hire a Professional

Residence Craftmanship Forum

Business Networking International