Steps of Quality Preparation

room renovation

These are the steps Donald Ross & Son takes for each painting and restoration project:

• All areas inside your home or business including floors, rugs, furniture etc., will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths or poly plastic.

• Mildew will be treated and killed.

• All areas of loose paint will be sanded. Further sanding and smoothing may be necessary for maintenance or cosmetic consideration. The proper primer will be applied to all bare wood and plaster to assure proper adhesion of the new paint. This step also helps prevent future peeling in these areas.

• Whenever possible, vacuum sanders are used to protect the environment and your property.
• Any loose caulking will be removed and replaced and any open gaps will be filled with new caulking.

• All loose nails will be re-set and re-puttied as necessary. Any nail holes will be filled COMPLETELY!

• Surfaces to be painted and the rooms to be painted will be clean and dust free to ensure paint adhesion.  There will be no prep left in a room where finish coat is being applied.

• Only quality materials will be used for long lasting results.

• Work will be done in a neat and professional manner by skilled crafts people who are polite, friendly, and work efficiently.

• There will be no smoking, inappropriate language or loud music at the site.

• The work area will always be neat and presentable. Paint supplies will be stored in one area while our people work and not scattered around the site.

• All excess paint will be removed from windows and the entire area will be clean and tidy.

• Touch-up paint will be labeled and left for your future convenience.


Donald R. Ross & Son offers a full range of interior painting services including:


Interior Painting

You can always expect a high quality paint job from Donald R. Ross & Son. Our staff is trained to work cleanly and neatly with no drips, no runs and no errors. Donald R. Ross guides you through the interior painting process from color selection to painting and clean-up.

Step 1 – Color Selection

Choosing the Right Colors

The process begins with paint and color selection. Once you select your colors, we’ll take the steps necessary to ensure that the colors you choose look the way you expect them to when the job is finished. We generally use quality paint from either Benjamin Moore or California Paint unless you have a preference for another quality manufacturer. Here are some online tools to help you choose the right colors for your job:

Benjamin Moore

California Paints

Color “How to” Guide by the Paint Quality Institute “How to choose the right paint color”

Choosing the perfect paint color

HGTV How to choose a color scheme

This Old House, How to choose the right colors for your rooms

Step 2 – Preparation

Quality Preparation Yields Long-Lasting Results
Investing in a quality paint job can mean the difference between painting every few years or a paint job that will last for many years.  The major difference in a quality paint job is the proper preparation of surfaces to be painted to ensure you get the longest lasting paint job possible. Donald R. Ross has a series of steps for quality preparation that we use for every paint job to ensure our paint project stands the test of time.

Step 3 – Painting

Painting Perfection

Once you’ve chosen the colors for your project, we’ll take the steps necessary to make certain that the colors you pick look the way you expect them to when the job is complete. If you’re still undecided between colors, we’ll mix up some samples for you and paint a few areas of the room for you to view in different lighting and times of day. Once you settle on a color that seems perfect, we’ll tint the primer to that color and paint the entire room to give you one more chance to make certain you made the right choice before we apply the finish paint.

Wall Coverings

Donald R. Ross offers wall-covering services including:

Simply choose the wall covering you’d like and we’ll measure it for your project and apply it with precision for long-lasting results.

Faux Decorative Finishes

faux finish

Donald R. Ross offers a variety of Faux finishes for you to choose from including:

We can help you select the right faux finish for your home from our portfolio of finishes. After you select a technique and color scheme you like, we’ll prepare a custom sample board for your review to make sure you like the results. Once you’ve made a final decision, we’ll apply the finish to your home.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

kitchen cabinets

Give your kitchen a whole new look with beautiful painted cabinets. Whether you have new cabinets that need painting or you just want to spruce up your kitchen, Donald R. Ross can help. Choose from our gallery of high quality specialty finishes for your cabinets or create your own look.

We’ll work closely with you to prepare a custom sample of the finish you select to make certain we create the look you want. If you prefer a natural wood finish, we can stain, apply a grain finish or refinish your natural cabinets to the finish of your choice.

Furniture Painting and Refinishing

painted bureau

Let Donald R. Ross turn your old forgotten furniture into a work of art by painting it in colorful unique patterns and designs to give it a contemporary  new look. DRRoss will help you design a unique look for your furniture that coordinates with the colors in your home and showcases your furniture to brighten up your home. We can create the look you want, whatever your personal taste – from traditional antique and stains for a natural wood finish to contemporary painted designs and patterns for a whole new look.